Free 5-day Kundalini Essential course you can do at home!

The good news about Kundalini Yoga is that it uses breathing, exercise, chanting and meditation to put you in a state of connection and bliss. It’s downright magical sometimes!

The bad news is that Kundalini can be: intimidating to learn, hard to find at a local studio, and hard to know what teachers you can trust online.  It’s easy to feel out of place, intimidated, and question whether you’re doing the it right.  

But now there’s an easy way to learn all about Kundalini Yoga in the comfort of your home, with teachers you trust.  All you have to do is sign-up for the FREE, 5-day Kundalini Yoga Essential course offered by Heart Centered Revolution.  This course is a great, free way to learn the fundamental practices of Kundalini Yoga AND understand how they work.

This free course is for you whether you are brand new to Kundalini Yoga and just want to learn, or if you already have a practice and want to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals

Sign-up and you’ll:

  • Be guided through 9 fundamental Kundalini Yoga practices that’ll shift your energy, mood and mindset in as little as 3 minutes
  • Deepen your understanding of how the 5 aspects of Kundalini Yoga work to make you feel balanced, clear, and connected
  • Get accountability and inspiration from other soul-searchers and truth-seekers in a private Facebook group

It’s a really fun course absolutely FREE!

Visit to sign-up.

Free 5-day Kundalini Yoga Essentials CourseHosted by: Jen & Ramtin from Heart Centered Revolution: Starts: Monday, April 29. Link to sign-up:

This free course starts Monday, April 29th, so sign-up now!

Sign-ups close: April 28
Course starts: April 29