Interview with Ally Cavosie from New York, USA.

A yoga instructor guides you through your practice and has their own unique format in which they guide you. Ally is an amazing soul with a huge passion for yoga, and it shows! During her vinyasa yoga class, you will experience a sense of love, clarity and strength through the asana and relaxation after. Her unique approach is very special in which she even gives you a ‘home-work’ assignment after each class which helps you be more present in your day and show up fully to share your light with others. This is her story…

1) What brought you to your mat?

I started a 2 year around the world trip and found myself interested in going to India for a yoga retreat. I decided to take a program that was a teacher training just in case I decided I wanted to teach some day. I actually had no real ambitions of teaching at that point. I just wanted some rest and relaxation.

2) Where do you teach and how did you get started?

I teach at Selina in Tulum, Mexico. After backpacking for two years, I decided I wanted to live on a beach, practice spanish and teach yoga. I was ready to slow down and stay in one place to create a community and wellness program.

3) What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga means finding balance, striving for progress (instead of perfection) and deepening the mind/body connection. 

4) Whats your favorite style of yoga and why?

I build fusion classes to give a little taste of everything to the students. In a world of abundance, why not have a little bit of everything? I will always include a bit of strength training, flows and hatha postures in my classes as a base. 

5) Favorite asana and why?

I love ballerina pose! The ballerina is confident, graceful and feminine. I love embodying the ballerina qualities as I am in the pose. 

6) Whats your favorite aspect about yoga?

I love that yoga is mindful. It’s a different type of workout that’s not just for the body. It allows me to develop into my best self and show up authentically. Yoga is the science of self and it’s such a beautiful journey when staying connected to the yogic path. 

7) What advise would you give to someone new to yoga?

It’s okay if you’re not flexible, it’s okay if you’ve never done it before. Through practice, your flexibility will expand. With time, you’ll experience the growth that comes with the practice. 

Come to the mat without expectations and judgement free. Be gentle with yourself and be your own cheerleader as you head into the vast journey of yoga. 

Ally also offers wellness/empowerment coaching, for more info you can contact her here: |

IG: @insideout.traveler