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10 Plants for Fighting Inflammation

10 Plants for Fighting Inflammation by Nicole Carter, MEd CHES Inflammation is your body’s response to injury or injury. When something threatens your body’s structure (injury) or chemistry (allergy) the response is increased inflammation to protect itself. It can be acute (sudden and short lived) or chronic (long lasting). It also happens when the body cannot recognize its own cells or mistakes particles for dangerous invaders and creates an immune response or inflammation to protect against mistaken invaders. We call this autoimmune disorder. Constantly being in an inflamed state is dangerous to your body because once cells are inflamed...

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The Yoga Expo LA | Sat Dec 17th

Immerse yourself in practices of yoga, meditation, and mind-body awareness during this all-day event. The Yoga Expo will take place at the LA Convention Center on Saturday December 17th from 10am to 6pm. $35 All-Day Admission (Unlimited Classes & Workshops) • 100+ Classes & Workshops • 100+ Vendors • Local Yoga Studios   Plan your day and build your schedule: The Yoga Expo is brand conscious and environmentally friendly, conveniently and centrally located at the Los Angeles Convention Center SPECIAL EVENT: Join us December 17 at 6pm for Yoga Rocks L.A., a special 90-minute charity yoga class led...

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Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation POP-UP event at EKAM Yoga

Join Yoga Guide Magazine as we host another fun yoga and meditation POP-UP event at EKAM Yoga in Newport Beach. Our POP-UP events are a great way to check out new studios and teachers and expand your practice. This vinyasa flow and meditation class is for all levels and is donation based ($20 suggested). We offer oils at the end of yoga class along with snacks from our sponsors to enjoy. There is a 30 minute gathering after class to mingle and enjoy our sponsors food and drinks and connect with other local yogis. Here is the itinerary: Check...

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Yoga Social Sunday in Huntington Beach

As the sun sets into the sherbert sky and the day’s energy kindles, immerse yourself in a unique and invigorating 150 person yoga experience that takes place overlooking the ocean at the all new Paséa Hotel & Spa. Put on a pair of headphones, drown out all the noise around you and flow through a 90-minute yoga class synced with live beats from our resident DJ. Afterward, we keep the music going so you can continue to enjoy the good vibes at our Fireside Social. Meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Enjoy a complimentary glass of...

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Sat Nam: The Kundalini Mantra of Awareness

The most prevalent of all mantras in the Kundalini yoga tradition is very simple and also very complex. You may hear this mantra used as a greeting, as a part of many kriyas and meditations, and as a closing to class.  You’ll find it the “default” mantra, suggested by teachers as the mantra to have playing in your head constantly on each inhale and exhale.  It even headlines Spirit Voyage’sKundalini Yoga and Music Festival:  Sat Nam Fest. So what is “Sat Nam“?  What does it mean? In very simple terms, Sat means Truth and Nam means Name.  You could translate...

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Yoga Guide Bali Retreats

Yoga Guide Magazine Issue 3 | 2018