Known as the Pacific playground this retreat will jolt you with excitement, fill you with laughter, push your boundaries, double your friends and even improve your business. Don’t miss out on this super-charged dose of sunshine. Experience deep connectivity, delicious meals, outdoor activities, ocean excursions, inspiring talks, playshops, yoga, nature therapy, live music, scavengers hunts, color wars, connective campfire conversations and so much more.



Camp Xanadu is hosted on a private cove on a magical and secluded island 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. It’s a place where the gentle rhythm of the waves and the warm weather causes time to slow down. A place where you can paddle through crystal clear waters, snorkel through coral reef, explore the rugged wilderness, and even spot some wild buffalo. Here you will experience the grounding effects of connecting with earth in communion with one another, mesmerized by sunsets, the stars and campfire gatherings.


Visit www.TheXanaduLife.com for full info on this amazing camping retreat in Catalina.