Spirituality is simple yet complex in so many ways. It is a

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connection to divinity without the distortion of fears. It is living in your true nature, in pure authenticity, shaped in the form of love. It is believing in the interconnected oneness amongst all that is living. We must understand that all existence is composed of energy, manifesting itself into different physical forms due to different vibrations and frequencies, like chords on a guitar string.

capra-spiritual-experience-cameron-gray Our new found sense of separation from a spiritual way of living stems from the conditioning imposed upon us by society, whether it be through media, the educational system, or even as intimate as our immediate household. We spend the majority of our lives walking a path that was paved by someone else’s perceptions and viewpoints. Intuitively we have a burning desire to play like children, daring to think outside the box and be unique in every way possible. We

succumb to the monotonous ways of life due to fear that we will be judged or scrutinized if we dare to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Happiness is an extension of authenticity. If we choose to be happy we must embrace the fact that every sentient being is created in a divine image. We are perfect in every sense of the word. But our actions begin to depict a different story from the one our soul is trying to tell.

Actions today do not always come from love. The ego

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, or false sense of self, plays a huge role. We feel disconnected when we stray away from love, and so we begin to feel discomfortingflower-of-life  emotions that
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do not fuel nor feed our soul.

Spirituality is at times defined as a search for meaning; for a purpose and direction in life. The biggest misconception when speaking about spirituality is believing in “the search”. It is actually quite different. We do not

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search for spirituality externally. It has and always will be centered in the core of our being. The enlightened process begins with the eradication of walls. These walls prevent us from having a connection between the spiritual realm and the 3rd dimensional human experience.

To shake up our core beliefs, instilled upon us without prior approval, becomes real uncomfortable, but what growth isn’t? We have strayed so far from purity of self that it has become a “journey” simply to understand our true nature. Spirituality is understanding that your journey, your perceptions, your way of living is always pure and divine, as long as it is carried out through forms of unconditional love. Whether you are religious or not, a synchronized understanding of an ultimate goal is prevalent; to first have belief in the higher manifestation of self, followed by implementation of spiritual principles. We must not only understand this concept intellectually, we must live it intuitively. We need to feel a higher vibration (entity, God, etc.) move through every possible nook and cranny of our existence. 

Christian Florez @cflorez_13