O Yoga: Awakening Shakti through Sensual Yoga

With slow circling hips and microcosmic orbits of the breath moving through the body, O Yoga, awakens sensuality, creativity and life-force energy, bridging the masculine and the Feminine within.

A few years back, during my 200 Hour Primal Core Yoga Teacher Training with the late Psalm Isadora, she introduced me to O Yoga.

O Yoga is a blend of Tantra, Belly dance movements and Hatha Yoga; and if you didn’t guess yet, ‘O’ stands for Orgasmic. Women and Men can practice it, activating lightness, laughter and a sense of self-love and sensuality.

Between the yang drills of Vinyasa, when I sunk into the yin flow of O Yoga… Something awoke in me. Something innate but hidden, that ‘regular’ Yoga hadn’t been able to access on it’s own.

Kundalini energy would rise from my tailbone up my spine. Waves of Orgasmic bliss would move through my Chakras and burst out from my Heart. Something was stirring and it felt full of sacred pleasure.

Using the framework of traditional Asana as the foundation, and adding the touch of Feminine flow to the Moolabundha activation, O Yoga can teach not only structure and inner discipline, but also the medicine of pleasure, nurturance and sweet surrender.

For the last 15 years I have practiced many stands of Yoga; Hot, Hatha, Kundalini, but it wasn’t until I began to melt into the micro movements of O Yoga that I felt Shakti in my own body.

Shakti is the Feminine, Creative, Life force energy of the Universe. Shakti is creation made manifest, it is the power of the Womb, the Wisdom to Birth Life into form.

As a woman, as much as I have received from and respect the more masculine lineages of Yoga, Sensual Yoga has allowed me to tune into my feminine flow, the cycles of my womb and the rhythms of my own internal desires. It has taught me to listen to my body, to embrace my Divine Birthright to feel deeply, and to embody my Pleasure as Sacred.

The roots of Tantra and Yoga are so close, and yet it seems Yoga often skips the second Chakra, the Sex center, or more specifically, our relationship to Pleasure and Sexuality. Recognizing that we all come from sexual energy – you exist because two people shared sexual energy – we cannot deny the power that this energy holds.

Sexual energy is the energy to Create Life itself.

It’s undeniable that we Humans have a wound around our sexuality. There is much to be address collectively and individually so we can all feel safe, free and in harmony with sexual energy and how we relate to each other when that energy is activated.

Yoga is the state of Union, and so it is time we bring light to this aspect of who we are so we can learn to harness the power that is sexual energy, be responsible with it and in Sacred Union within and with all.

By shining a light on the shame we have to our own sexuality, we are healing the subconscious collective shame also. When we are free from shame, we are free from needing to act out in unhealthy ways. We are free to reach out for support when we need it and we are free to begin to have real conversations about how to relate to each other and ourselves as sexual beings.

Through O Yoga I learned that when we make peace with, accept and embrace our innate innocence as sexual, creative beings, there is no end to how this energy can uplift and heal us.

As Einstein discovered, energy cannot be destroyed or created, but it can be directed and transformed. Where in your life do you desire to bring in more aliveness? What projects or relationships are asking for your creative energy? What part of your body or emotions could use a healing hand?

One of the most profound healing experiences I had during an O Yoga practice was consciously directing the pleasure that was stirring in my hips and Yoni, up into my Heart. I was grieving the death of my Mother, and my heart was in physical pain through the process.

I imagined a flowing river of light from my sex center to my heart. Using my breath as the boat, the Orgasmic energy sailed along, infusing new life and bliss, and melting the sadness around my energetic heart.

By the end of my practice, I had shed so many sacred tears, and I was feeling immense gratitude for the gift my Mother was in my life… to give me life.

Our Western mind has a difficult time grasping how orgasmic energy could be healing for a broken heart, or how tapping into our sensual power can magnetize abundance, aligned relationships and opportunities to us.

We have been so trained to separate Sex and Pleasure from every other aspect of who we are, we don’t tap into the infinite potential that is there for us. Our Pleasure has been put into a box, only to be taken out behind closed doors.

Sure, it’s more “appropriate” to keep it separated and in private; and for a society that still needs to learn how to relate to it’s own sexuality, it’s safer. But this has left us disconnected, uneducated and frankly, starved of the healing medicine that this energy can bring into our lives.

Sensuality is a quality of the Divine Feminine, the Creative life force of the Universe. When we embrace and make space to explore sensuality in our life, we are inviting in more gentleness, more joy, more flow, more nurturance, more compassion, more abundance, more health, and more play!

Doesn’t that sound like a juicy way to create, heal and practice the Art of Yoga? 😉

Take some time today to breathe deep into your lower belly, to send a prayer of gratitude to your body for it’s gift of pleasure, and to let your hips slowly circle as you embrace all of life, in all its beautiful waves of experience, sensation and emotion.

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Lillie Claire Love is a certified O Yoga, Primal Core Yoga, and Venus Code Tantra Teacher, along with being a Life Coach, Energy Healer and Natural Intuitive. She leads Women’s and co-ed Retreats around the world, and works with women and couples online and in person. Catch her in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Dubai, Uk, Amsterdam, Italy and Greece in 2018. For her full Retreats itinerary, check out her website.

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