Story by Stephanie Siri Darshan of Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations:  www.thedarshans.com

The holiday season is around the corner and filled with many things besides holiday cheer. This is the time of year when many people ascend from their homes to join the already hectic scene, an increased amount of energy is required in the workplace and family is reminding us of our yearly commitment to make those travel plans and join in the festive fun. While this may only be the case for some, it is highly likely that Black Tourmaline has a quality that one will find beneficial in rooting the first chakra, releasing fear and cleansing the energy field.

Black Tourmaline is an eliminating crystal in toxic situations. It clears one of destructive energies  and fixes any imbalance. You can find Black Tourmaline in a variety of countries such as Brazil, China, Pakistan, Africa and the U.S.A. Its rich black color makes it work powerfully on the root chakra as an eliminating chaperon. One tends to hold fear, anger, shame, anxiety and other toxic emotions in the base chakra that can overcome one on a daily basis if this chakra is imbalanced and especially in times of increased stress. The all-powerful Black Tourmaline can aid in ridding oneself of negative thoughts, worry, self-judgement and feelings of unworthiness. As one of the stronger stones for the root chakra, it cleanses the auric field and etheric body so powerfully that it creates a residual effect and clears the physical body leaving one feeling refreshed.


Black Tourmaline can be used in a variety of situations. It can be placed under the bed to detoxify while one is asleep. Carrying or wearing this crystal close to the body can be highly effective. One can carry a loose Black Tourmaline in one’s pocket or wear the crystal close to the skin granting it the ability to emanate its purifying energies and shine with protection. It is especially good to keep Black Tourmaline close by if working or living in a challenging environment.

So, the next time stress rolls in and clouds the mind, take a deep breath, reach for a Black Tourmaline and connect with it. This energetic friend will act as a psychic vacuum cleaner and clear those feelings of negativity and disharmony. Its vibration will surround oneself with protection, guide one with confidence and clear the way for a harmonious day.