The air is warm and the breeze brings a magic spark. One can feel a craving to tap into their sexual and creative energy. The desire to manifest great things is emanating from the soul and willpower is ready to be born.

Citrine carries the power of the sun. The sun radiates solar renewable energy and fuels all living things on this planet with life. Citrine is golden yellow in color just like the sun. It too, infuses life force into oneself and calls the soul to action. Citrine is derived from the French word “citron” meaning lemon. Although Citrine can be found in many areas of the world, the majority of Citrine comes from Brazil.



Citrine carries a hardness of 7.0 and its color actually comes from Iron impurities. Citrine is found in a number of countries and depending upon in which pocket of the world one’s crystal was found, it could carry traces of Amethyst. If violet hues shine through in one’s piece, chances are it’s an Ametrine. If one has been lucky enough to come upon an Ametrine, it carries properties of its own in addition to Citrine and Amethyst. Ametrine is a rarer stone compared to Citrine and would be quite the special find.


Citrine crystal shines its golden light and begins to open new doors in one’s life. In today’s day and age one can have the desire to carry out their passion and purpose, but nothing is going to transpire without a little elbow grease as they would say when I was growing up. Citrine supercharges one’s willpower to see through blocks with clarity and flow through them with hard work and dedication. This stone magnifies the powers of one’s will and manifestation.

This sun crystal is one of the premier stones of the second chakra and channels its energy to help awaken one’s creative imagination. Through the sacral or creative chakra, Citrine activates and harmonizes the second, third and sixth chakras. While Citrine is working on enhancing clarity through the third eye chakra, it simultaneously generates heat to the sacral or creative and solar plexus chakras. When all three chakras are so powerfully activated, the human dynamo is exposed in oneself and willpower is on fire. The creative power within oneself is lit and carries a continuous campfire glow. New potential is born.


Citrine, vibrating with the warm and nourishing energy of the sun, can bring happiness into one’s home. It’s helpful to place Citrine in the home where one is looking to shine a light. It can be kept in one’s creative workspace to help break through any creative blocks or next to the front door to infuse cosmic gold light into one’s humble abode. Citrine is an excellent stone to power up manifestations, goals and intentions, so I keep a Citrine next to my vision or dream board. Citrine is also an a powerful stone to wear as jewelry around the neck or ears to stimulate optimism and clarity in the higher chakras. It can be worn anywhere on the body and its vibration will open the epicenter of creativity.



In a world that often feels so cold, Citrine can bring one warmth and help light the path of one’s true potential. I remember once having a vision of moving out west and taking my first yoga class. I placed Citrine near my vision board and it highlighted my creative imagination, willpower and drive. One short year later I was living in Los Angeles being trained to teach yoga. Today, I happily travel making my jewelry, and to hospitals, yoga centers senior homes etc. teaching yoga and singing with “Caro and the Sunsations” living my dream. I’m shining my light on the world and you can too.

Folks, we live in times where darkness can come upon us, but we must not succumb to it. Each and every one of us carries a gift that can make a difference. One’s potential can be awakened and manifestations can blossom. I won’t tell you that the road will be easy, but I will tell you that with a clear vision and some supercharged willpower you will find your way. Citrine can shine bright like a lighthouse and help to guide your path. This is the Age Of Aquarius and it’s time to highlight your true self. It’s time to let your sun shine.

by Stephanie Siri Darshan of Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations