When nervous tension is in the air and life feels overwhelming, the craving to reach for what feels comforting to the emotions can emerge. Statistics have risen and millions of people battle drug and alcohol abuse every year. Amethyst has a number of attractive qualities, but it’s most widely recognized as the stone that helps combat addictions.

Amethyst calms nerve disorders and clears out old negative patterns that weight down the nervous system. It’s a member of the Quartz family and varies in color from pale to deep purple depending upon its location and where it is found. You can find Amethyst in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, Europe and the U.S.A. It is the amount of Iron and Aluminum found in this crystal that gives way to its alluring purple color. Amethyst rich in color is most often found in Russia, Uruguay, and Africa. Russian Amethyst will also have noticeable reddish and bluish tints due to the minerals found in its natural terrain.

Amethyst has a hardness of .7 and can sometimes carry a mix of other Quartz Crystals such as Citrine. Citrine is golden in color so if you spot a golden window in your Amethyst, you may have just scored an Ametrine. Ametrine Crystal carries additional properties such as aiding in overcoming fear and insecurity. It also stimulates metabolism, digestion and brain function. Ametrine brings qualities of Amethyst, Citrine and a set of its own properties as touched upon just above.

Another benefit to owning an Amethyst is its divine ability to facilitate conscious connection. It connects to the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras. It helps one connect to Spirit Guides, Angels and Source. This meditative companion stimulates the Crown chakra and helps one to quiet thoughts in order to move into higher states of consciousness.

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is also a very protective stone. It brings spiritual protection and purification. Its natural ability to protect is highlighted when it is kept next to the door of one’s home. It absorbs negative energy upon those who enter so that unfavorable energy is kept out of one’s household. It also clears one’s energy field of negative energy, influences and attachments. Amethyst likes to envelop one into a protective shield of spiritual light. It wards off any negativity in one’s environment, so it’s highly beneficial to keep this stone nearby in negative settings or to wear Amethyst when feeling vulnerable to negativity. When one wears Amethyst, it allows for one to maintain a state of inner balance and well-being. For healers, placing an Amethyst in one’s space can keep it especially clear. Amethyst’s friend is the crystal, Moldavite. Moldavite combined with Amethyst synergistically brings out Amethyst’s super powers making it especially powerful.

Amethyst was an integral part of royal collections all over the world and is also the gemstone for the 6th year of marriage. Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected wearers from intoxication and aided them in keeping a balanced state of mind. Amethyst oxygenates the blood and aims to purify. It can be used to assist one in quitting smoking, drinking or drug use. Amethyst is the preferred tonic for those suffering from addictions. It assists with relieving headaches, anxiety and depression. It’s tranquil effect assists one in alleviating insomnia.

So, the next time life gets in the way and nerves are a disarray, call on Amethyst. Resist the urge to go for a cocktail, grab a smoke or head to the nearest food joint. Reach for an Amethyst to bring relief and gratification. Make Amethyst your drug of choice.

Stephanie Siri Darshan of Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations