The word Guru references moving from darkness to light. Imagine a crystal that can transform negative energy into positive, fueling you like a rocket that catapults you into a world of achieving your desired manifestations. Smoky Quartz has a number of properties, but one of its most powerful traits is absorbing negative energy and channeling it into positive light.

Smoky Quartz, a grounding stone in the quartz family, is found in a wide variety of countries and has a hardness factor of .7 on the scale. It can vary in color from a light grayish-tan to a deep shade of brownish-black. Its mineral content and dark color assists it in being a strong stone for grounding.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful stone that aids in grounding some of the most etheric individuals and allows them to function better as physical beings on the planet. Though it can ground one from the etheric world, it helps one reign in their manifestations from the higher realms and bring them into reality. Smoky Quartz allows one to fend off negative energy and transmute it into unlimited amounts of positive energy.

This stone is quite the gem to keep in one’s space for business success. It helps one effectively with organization, practicality and brings one’s most inspired ideas and biggest dreams into reality. It also helps one call in guidance to aid with difficult tasks and projects.

When one carries or wears Smoky Quartz, it helps to ground one’s vibration as to more effectively communicate with guides, angels and phenomena. Smoky Quartz can assist one to perceive and understand messages from guides at a level where one is more focused and perceptive. It can help one feel comfortable communicating with spirit guides and ghosts as it’s highly protective from any negative energies. In fact it harmonizes well with other protective stones such as Obsidian. Another quality not to be overlooked is that while Smoky Quartz works to shift darkness into light, it wards off radiation. In fact, it’s effective in supporting healing from sunburn.

In a world shadowed by darkness, where one is busy navigating their path of life, Smoky Quartz is a true companion. This is the year where we as humans drop the story and refuse to hold ourselves back any longer. It’s time to take action and call in Smoky Quartz to get the job done. If you want to manifest big and live your truth while feeling clear, confident and positive in everyday life, Smoky Quartz is the crystal for you.

By: Stephanie Siri Darshan

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