If you want to get the splits, you must commit to working at it everyday. This is a 10 min yoga sequence for you that will target every muscle you need in order to achieve full leg flexibility. Treat this as a 30 Day Challenge, where you will dedicate 10 min each day and practice these stretches. If you commit yourself to that, you will be down in splits in no time.

The full split, or hanumanasana, is a tough position and hard for most to attempt. It’s named after Hanuman, the Hindu deity who is said to have taken a giant leap all the way from the south of India to the Himalayas to reclaim his love (hence the wide-open stance of your legs in this pose).

Your hamstrings are strong, but delicate, and a tear can take more than two years to fully recover. As with all of our yoga pose breakdowns, take this one step and breath at a time. Never attempt a full split without warming your body up first.

Watch the video below to learn the proper way of doing the splits with caution with Juliana BoHo Beautiful Life.

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Shot In Sandbanks Provincial Park, Picton ON

Video Production- Mark Spicoluk