San Diego Yoga Festival (SDYF) is an epic 4-day yoga festival offering non-stop yoga classes (every hour on the hour until sunset) right on the on the beach! Classes will be held from Friday, March 9 to to Monday, March 12, 2018 with Pre-Conferences held on Friday and Post-Conferences held on Monday led by master teachers. Classes are led by the top healers in Southern California and worldwide: many of these “yoga celebrities” have been featured on television shows, magazines, and/or are internationally recognized. We are also featuring one of the youngest (8) and oldest (92) yoga teachers in the world! Review our website here! 2-Day Tickets: The main part of the festival will be on Saturday and Sunday (March 10 and 11, 2018). We are anticipating 5,000 of the raddest, holistically minded or holistically-curious people to be with us! The festival has countless healthy, fun and relaxing experiences and is open to all: it is perfect for beginners and those new to yoga who want to learn more and great for those who practice sometimes, are experienced yogis or are yoga teachers! Classes will be right on the beach, so you can roll out your mat or beach blanket right on the sand while the Pacific Ocean is crashing right next to you. We will offer two huge stages, the Yin Stage and Yang Stage, that can reach up to 2000 mats: The Yin Stage will offer relaxing and restorative classes with topics like meditation, breath-work, slow and gentle yoga and massage classes. The Yang Stage will offer fun, energetic and challenging classes (many with live music).

Check out our schedule here. Classes will be held every hour on the hour until sunset and will present almost every style of yoga known to modern-day yogis for every level of student, along with holistic classes, workshops and unique So-Cal experiences including: ● Surfing lessons ● Yoga on skateboards ● Yoga classes with your dog or cat ● Sand healing: including meditative sand-castle building and sand therapy ● Yoga and beer tasting ● Massage, reiki and acupuncture on massage tables set up right on the beach ● A “San Diego Yoga Festival Wedding” where you propose to yourself and make vows to never cheat or hurt yourself, living in only love with you forever (wedding rings included). ● A Kid’s Zen Center offering yoga classes and conscious babysitting so parents can take a class while their little one has mindful fun too! Along with this, you can experience some of the yummiest and healthiest food presented by So-Cal local food trucks and vendors, along with some of the coolest product vendors with all types of holistic products and yoga clothes in our beachside vending area! Our vending area will also offer live music, DJs, fun healing centers with interactive experiences with things like Kombucha Tasting and Acro-Yoga and a relaxing, healing center offering donation based massage, reiki, acupuncture and fire cupping services!

Check out our healing services here. Location: Our festival grounds are located on the most South-Westenrly part of the USA, Imperial Beach : from the beach, you can actually see Mexico in the distance! Because of this special and beautiful location, we are celebrating the border and the connectedness of all humans and humanity! We will be featuring a special teacher from Mexico and offering one Spanish-English yoga class! We will also be offering the opportunity to take a meditative beach walk down to the USA-Mexican Border. The beach hike takes about 3 hours roundtrip and is one of the most beautiful and powerful things to see! Closing-Ceremony: Research shows, 7,000 people meditating together cuts world terrorism by 72%. Now, more than ever, we need to come together in unity and oneness. For this reason, we will be setting a Guinness World Book Record in our closing ceremony that is free and open to the public! We will be chanting AUM (the sound of oneness) 108 times (the auspicious number for unity) as the sunsets on the beach. Your 2-day ticket gets access to this event, but if you can’t afford a ticket: join us in our closing ceremony and meditate with us in this “peaceful protest”: improving collective consciousness and making a difference in the world. The closing ceremony will be: Sunday, March 11, 2017: 5:00 PM on the Yang Stage at festival headquarters. Pre- and Post-Conference Events: Spend all day with one of our master teachers (including the founder of the festival!) in various pre- and post-conference classes. Here you will spend 9-4:30 PM with this master teacher focusing on one topic.

Photo by Howard Lipin/San Diego Union-Tribune

You must purchase a separate ticket for these special classes. Class topics include: Pre-Conferences: Friday, March 9, 2018: *Drawing Abundance and Prosperity into your Life: led yoga teacher, reiki master, and founder of the festival, Shawna Schenk, learn how to release energetic money blockages, be open to receive abundance and invite prosperity into your life. This class includes using chants, plant medicine, crystals, mantras and many other holistic strategies to call in abundance. Post-Conference: Monday, March 12, 2018: *Talking To Plants : led yoga teacher, reiki master, and founder of the festival, Shawna Schenk, who has successfully gotten herself off of antidepressants through using plant medicine. In this special course, you will experience 40 different plants–in their various forms—and understand how to use them to bring deep healing to all parts of your life. We will sit with many of the plants and talk to them, listening to their healing messages. Read more on our Pre and Post-Conferences here. Prices/Ticket Options: SDYF is one of the most affordable yoga festivals in the world: we want to GIVE to you in the most meaningful way we can afford to. For this reason, if you feel inspired to GIVE more, please help us in our initiative, 108YogaTeachers. In this cause we are raising $88,000 to fund 108 yoga teachers by providing yoga scholarships to their yoga teacher training! Please donate here. Every dollar counts!

If you’d like to be a yoga teacher and apply for a scholarship for a training led by the founder of the festival, please do so here. 1-class Ticket: $33 : will get you into one 60 minute class at the festival) on Saturday or Sunday, and get you free access to our vending area and healing centers. 1-day Tickets: $108 : will get you into all of the classes on Saturday OR Sunday, March 10th or 11th, plus our closing ceremony on Sunday and access to our vending area and healing centers. 2-day Tickets: $188: will get you into all of the classes on Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11th, plus our closing ceremony and access to our vending area and healing centers. Closing Ceremony: FREE: will get you into our closing ceremony where we will be chanting AUM 108 times as a the sunsets on the beach. Please note, you do not need to register for the closing ceremony if you purchase a 1-class, 1-day, 2-day, or Pre-Post Conference tickets. You must register for the closing ceremony (the ticket is free) if you have not purchased a ticket. This is to keep our headcount clear to set our Guinness World Book Record. Read more about the Closing Ceremony here. Pre-Conference and Post-Conferences Ticket: $108: will get you into one pre or post conference class led by one Master Teacher on Friday or Monday. Please purchase the ticket that correlates with the class you’d like to take. Look out for Early Bird prices: they will end in 2017! FAQs What happens if it rains? This is a rain or shine event! All classes will be held outdoors on the beach! We prayed to the Sun God, so there will be lots of sunshine! Bring your sunscreen 😉 What should I bring into the event? ● ID and Electronic or Printed Ticket ● Yoga Mat or Blanket (Feel free to bring yoga props!) ● Money to get cool stuff and healing services at the vending center ● a journal and/or camera to capture all the healing experiences you have ● your bathing suit or wetsuit for a surf lessson (wet suits will be available to rent!) ● smiles, friends, an open-mind and heart, and your worries to be given to the ocean! How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Photo by Howard Lipin/San Diego Union-Tribune

If you’d like to be a vendor, contact us here. If you’d like to sponsor the event, contact us here. If you’d like donate your time to help with organization of the event in our work-exchange program, contact us here. If you are press, contact us here. We are not looking for anymore presenters or musicians, but if you would like to be a healer and give a healing service in our healing area, contact us here. If you’d like to help us raise money to raise $88k in yoga teacher scholarships and be a yoga teacher ambassador, contact us here. You will get a gift! Any technical or IT questions regarding processing your payments, please contact Eventbrite directly. What’s the refund policy? All sales are final. There are no refunds, for any reason, and there are no exceptions. For example, if you have a promo code and put it in incorrectly or forget to put it in, you will not be credited any money. If you bought a ticket and can’t attend the event, gift or sell the ticket to someone else. All sales are final and there will be no discussions on this manner in any way.