I’m guessing you’ve heard of self love and manifesting at this stage, right?

But have you thought of the synergy of the two? Ie how synonymous they are?

I mean if we don’t have self love. Aka worthiness, willingness to receive, a great foundation to hold all the juiciness that comes with manifesting.. Then how can we be a vibrational match to receive?

People ask me what makes me a (self proclaimed 🙂 master manifestor?

Well It simple. It’s my level of self love.

Before I studied, lived, breathed and preached self- love, acceptance and worthiness I used to be interested in intentionally creating my future, like in the book The Secret… but I was frustrated because it seemed to work in some cases but not others.

Now that is not the case.

I look through my vision board and see countless examples of manifested nuggets.

We have to be a vibrational match. What does that even mean? A client of mine is wanting to manifest funding for a new epic business. She asked me how handle not actualizing something I’m attempting to manifest.

I said hmmmmm tell me about it. As she started talking, her energy morphed to something like “ergggghhhhhh it’s a shame, its not working yet, its heavy, dull eyes, its desperate” and  “i’m giving up on it.”

I directed her to think of the place she feels happiest. Just to see how the energy might shift in her. It shifted alright. Instantly she was lit up.

That energy needs to be brought in for the investment. Like she is already living with it with an injection of cashishhh and reaping the emotional benefits of it. Ie feeling safe and able to breathe again. Do you get it? You have to do that now. Live it now! And here”s the important part: Live it now in your INNER world. You don’t have to start spending like a millionaire. That’s probably not going to be sustainable or sensible.

What are you manifesting? What is the energy of it saying to you?

OK I digress!!

People with high self- love are great manifesters.

But how do we get great self love? Well, a big part of it is we manifest it!!!! It’s often a case of thinking about how we wish to feel. For example, I was just sharing a personal example with a friend that when a man pays for something for me it still makes me feel awkward. (Been working on this one for years hehe)

The process is…

“ Well how do I currently feel?”

I feel janky, like I don’t want him to think i’m a freeloader and can’t seem to enjoy the experience of him enjoying the payment and being in his masculine.

“How do I want it to feel?”

In an ideal world I want it to feel like, “awwwwww thank you, this feels so good to be treated. Makes me feel supported, grateful and also free that I can pay for it myself but I don’t have to.” Aka peaceful in my crazy monkey mind!

So once we know what we want then its a case of jumping into that reality. We can try it on like a new dress.

Try it.

Sometimes it’s powerful and helpful to ponder, ‘what would a person think who has self love?’

Then observe how the outside world shifts (or doesn’t) in response to the shift in your inner world.

With an attitude of playful curiosity, when a shift or hang-up arises we can just simply think “ahhh how cute, here’s that little challenge again”. In those moments I like to use a simple little mantra. Here it is… and repeat after me: I chose to love and accept myself!

So it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg. What comes first, self love or manifesting? In my experience they are synonymous.

Yeah happy manifesting!

Gina Swire

Self love expert.

About the author

Gina Swire is a self-love mentor and manifesting queen on a global mission to help a billion women fall madly in love with themselves. After struggling with her own self-worth and image issues, Gina quit her career as a plus-sized model at the height of her fame in order to embark on her own journey of transformation.

Today she travels the world leading live workshops, hosting retreats, coaching private clients, and speaking on stages from Burning Man to Bali, as she inspires women everywhere to love themselves and love their lives.  

Her work has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Elephant Journal, Thrive, Psychologies magazine, The love challenge.. You can learn more about Gina and become a part of this self love movement at www.ginaswire.com.