5 Mistakes People Make on A Cleanse, by Nicole Carter Med – The Wellness Experience


Yes we all need to do a cleanse from time to time. After all, our toxic load is bigger than ever. Our food is laden with processing and packaging chemicals, our local tap water has multiple toxins that settle in from the environment or recycled water. Bottled water isn’t much better with its Bisphenol A and plasticizers, and our air.. well. Lets just say you shouldn’t breath air you can SEE!


That being said, we can help our body by improving upon its natural cleansing process. Your body comes equipped with excretory organs, such as liver, colon, kidneys and lungs, that already do the job of cleansing. However, it was not designed to deal with the level of toxic elements we are faced with on a daily basis. Doing a cleanse can be a great way to improve on your body’s natural functions, and there are a variety of cleanses you can take part in from supplements, to fasting to colonics… Just don’t make these 5 most common mistakes!


  1. DON’T Go from a poor diet to a hardcore fast. If you eat poorly most of the time, a sudden fast is not going to help you! First of all your blood sugar is most likely out of balance and with a sudden elimination of food will only cause it to crash causing you major discomfort in the form of headaches, fatigue and nausea. Start slow if you want to do a cleansing fast. First eliminate sugars from your diet so your blood sugar balances out. Then you can try short periods of time without food, such as intermittent fasting, if you are dead set on going that route. However there are many varieties of fasts or even just elimination diets.
  2. DON’T Choose a juice only cleanse that has you consuming mostly fruit juice. This is way too much sugar and without the fiber or proteins mixed in will cause your blood sugar to spike, resulting in a crash shortly there after. Think fatigue, headaches, nausea… you get the picture. Instead, juice cleanses are best done with veggie juices that are lower in sugar. A little juice mixed in with greens is ok to help with flavor, but not necessary for a cleanse.
  3. DON’T forgot to drink water. Just because you choose a juice cleanse as the way to detoxify your body, does not mean you stop drinking water. In fact, you need more. When your body is cleaning itself, it needs more water to flush out the kidneys. Remember that the liver and kidney are the filters of the body. Toxins are stored in the body fat, and when we burn up fat, those are released into the blood stream. Hydration is critical.
  4. DON’T forget to utilize natural cleansing mechanisms of your body. Dry brushing the skin, oil pulling, massage, sweating, deep breathing and colon cleansing are all natural methods of helping the other excretory (cleansing) organs do their thing.
  5. DON’T confuse a cleanse with a weight loss program. Permanent weight loss requires consistent healthy food choices. It is possible to lose weight on a cleanse, however most people will gain back any losses as soon as they return to their regular habits. The key to permanent weight loss is to change those habits. At The Wellness Experience we teach how to do this in a health way by eating low glycemic and clean foods on The Six Week Slim Down.