kenyaWith My Own Two Hands Foundation was founded by Lindsey Pluimer, a student-athlete who excelled in

her studies of communications and her love of basketball at UCLA. After Lindsey graduated from college,

she went on to play professional basketball overseas. On her offseason she became a certified yoga

instructor and fell in love with the practice both on and off the mat. Lindsey’s first trip to Africa left her so

inspired by the children and how full of life they were. She went with the intention of helping and serving

others and in turn, she was the one who benefited the most from this experience.

“The people of Kenya are incredibly gracious and welcoming. One cannot help but fall in love with the

culture and the simpler lifestyle that clearly makes for a happier, lighter heart,” Pluimer said.

After she returned to the states, Lindsey then decided to retire from playing basketball and instead start a

nonprofit that would help children in need. She then founded With My Own Two Hands Foundation, a

foundation that provides education and life necessities through sustainable solutions to kids in need in

Africa, in 2010 and has worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya to date. She now teaches yoga

and runs WMO2H with the help of the board and volunteers.

Throughout the years, the charity has taken many volunteer groups to Africa that have in turn impacted

lives of both the volunteers and the children they have served. A certified yoga instructor will presumably

accompany the trip to Kenya where morning yoga classes will be held for all to participate. They believe

that yoga is a powerful practice to unite mind, body, and spirit, but yoga is also a beautiful way to unite

ourselves with the world around us. The charity encourages the yoga community to take their practice off the mat

and into the world around them. The goal is to activate the yoga community to practice ‘seva’, the

Sanskrit term translating to ‘selfless service.’ They believe that we are all connected and being of service is

taking our yoga off the mat and into our local and global communities. With My Own Two Hands believe that they can all make a difference with their own two hands.


With My Own Two Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned or disadvantaged children in need. With the belief that diminishing poverty must start with the children, the organization’s goal is to provide an education to children in need while making sure they have the necessities of shelter, water, and food.

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