1) What brought you to your mat?

Upon retiring from my 14 year long career as a professional ballet dancer I took a break from all things physically demanding so my body could heal and decompress. Simultaneously, I was confronted with uncertainty about my future and my purpose. I started doing yoga as a gentle way to get back into my body. Little did I know it would ultimately heal me in immeasurable ways, both physically and psychically, offering clarity and defining my mission.
2) What does yoga mean to you?
The meaning of yoga continues to evolve for me. Just when I think I understand it deepens and expands, leaving me humbly in awe. Yoga is profound connection. It’s hard to put into words…it’s more of a knowing as it is being experienced. Through breath, presence, and compassion, and the uniting of mind, body, and soul, yoga is┬áthe transcendence of the physical world into ineffable states of consciousness.
3) What advice would you give someone new to meditation?
It’s called a practice for a reason!…Let go of expectations and don’t give up! Be compassionate and patient with yourself.
4) What’s your fave style of yoga and why?
I love it all! My training is mostly Vinyasa, Hatha, Viniyoga style. As as dancer, I love the movement aspect of vinyasa but I also appreciate the meditative opportunities when poses are held for longer periods of time in either Hatha or passive Yin style.
5) What’s your fave thing about yoga?
I love the feeling of the expansive ecstatic breath and peace created by my practice. Also I love the healing, the safe and supportive community vibe, the self-realization. My favorite thing about teaching yoga is witnessing the healing, growth, and transformation of my students, watching them emerge and blossom into their fullest expression.
6) Where do you teach and how did you get started?
I teach one-on-one private yoga lessons all over Southern California, the U.S., and abroad via my company Blossom Body Awareness, bloss-om.com. I also offer privates in meditation, ecstatic dance, and ballet. I teach group classes at the lovely Yoga Shakti Wellness Center at both locations of Huntington Beach and Irvine, as well as a monthly class at the new Huntington Beach Yoga Collective.
7) Fave yoga pose and why.
Balasana (Childs Pose). It’s a pose that allows me to detach from the outside world and go deep within. Whether as an intention setting time in the beginning of class or as a restful pose in the midst of flow, I am always happy to return there to get centered and connect to my breath. It feels like home and has an essence of comfort and safety, a womb-like familiarity.