“Our menu is about bringing the flavors of these wonderful fruits and vegetables to life and letting them shine. We are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to create dishes that elevate plant-based food beyond the standard.”

Boy have they kept their word. Seabirds Restaurant is by far, a stand out in the plant based community. Located in the beautiful city of Costa Mesa, CA inside the LAB district, their location has definitely made a name for itself. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, you are greeted with smiling faces and overwhelming aromas of deliciously cooked food.

Every ingredient used is locally grown, and their condiments and sauces are made from scratch. Seabirds understands the importance of a healthy implementation of a plant based diet, so they have strived to make their plates taste phenomenal just to throw in an added bonus. With one of the most aesthetically pleasingĀ and unique menus in the industry, Seabirds brings diversity in taste and endless possibilities of creativity.

They even have Kombucha on tap! Each beverage is seasonal, bringing a wide array of flavors to the table, giving the audience the opportunity to keep satisfying their pallet. If you not done so yet, make your way down to Seabirds Kitchen located off the 405 freeway on Bristol St in Costa Mesa, CA.


Instagram: @seabirdskitchen

Facebook: Seabirds Kitchen

Website: www.seabirdskitchen.com