“Ekam (‘ay-kum’) is Sanskrit for One. We believe in One. One is unity. One is community. One is what we are when we are on our mat moving to our breath. One is what we aspire to be with each other and with the world. Ekam was created as a space for you to connect with your truest self and your world through the practice of yoga.”

There has been a recent wash away of authenticity and genuine love for the art of yoga. It has become mainstream, no longer incorporating the philosophy or the understanding of importance to connect yourself to Source during your practice. Ekam has made it their mission to change all that.

Co-owners Dani Sackman Carroll and Joe Pham both felt a pull to enlarge their spiritual life. They felt something was missing, and were constantly pulled to become the best versions of themselves they could possibly be, but had no compass to dictate which direction to move towards. Yoga gave them that connection to Source; that dissipation of ego that prevented them from truly opening up and becoming serene in all of their affairs. With their new found transformation, came the desire to spread the message. They opened up Ekam Yoga Studio to partake in the altruistic movement.

Ekam provides a wide array of class varieties, tailoring to the beginner and the advanced yogi. Aesthetically, the studio is 1400 square feet with high ceilings, wood floors, Iyengar wall, ambient lighting, and QSC audio system. Their instructors are some of the best in the Orange County area. Their welcome lounge features Wi-Fi, filtered water and knowledgeable front desk staff. Amenities include showers, towel service, and mat rental, plus complimentary chilled eucalyptus towels post Savasana.

In such a short amount of time, EKAM Yoga has become one of the leading standout yoga studios in the industry, bringing back the love, passion, and unity that is so intertwined with the practice of yoga.


Instagram: @ekamyoga

Facebook: EKAM Yoga

2700 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663