The studio was named Hb Yoga Collective because it has been created from its inception from the collective energy of so many inspired people. When YW in July of 2016, the community was devastated. There was a unique energy in the studio that the members felt, but YW never understood or knew how to capture or nurture. She had been teaching at that location for over 13 years and prior to that had managed the studio for a year. Needless to say she felt quite attached to the space and community.

After casually announcing in a class that perhaps she would reopen the studio, members immediately stood behind her and started offering checks in the form of pre-paid memberships and micro-loans. During that time she asked a dear friend and fellow teacher, Nicolette David to partner with her and thankfully she said yes. They worked closely with their third partner, Shina Chen, on all things marketing related. After a lot of hard work, lots of sweat, support from their husbands and volunteers in the community, HB Yoga Collective opened on Thanksgiving morning to a packed house filled with love and support. They are not so much working to create a yoga studio as much as build a yoga community rooted in health, inspiration and love. They seek to work with the greater community to be a positive force in HB and the OC. Their retail store is focused on selling locally sourced and usually handmade eco-conscious goods. They offer homemade snacks from our own Ayurvedic chef and multi-talented partner, Shina.