When it comes to humble beginnings combined with divine outcomes, no one portrays this best like LavHa does. An authentically rich and love-filled company demonstrating what setting intentions and believing in your dreams and passions is what they are all about. Co-owners Nancy Lin DeGregori and Jessica Forest established a mission in the beautiful town of Laguna Niguel, CA. They have been soul sisters since the moment they met. Nancy was making stone bracelets for a local yoga shop as a hobby and Jessica used essential oils in her daily life. Through conversation, they thought about how neat it would be to combine the two, having seen the terra cotta diffusing necklaces, but wanting it in bracelet form.Through much experimenting they found that lava stone absorb and diffuse the oils beautifully. And thus, the first lava stone jewelry was created as an essential oil diffuser.

These business savvy and love fueled women have expanded their inventory with the most amazing products. They offer tribal bracelets, beautiful necklaces, color-popping malas, sacred gemstones, intention-filled chakra beads, and amazing scented oils. But the most important part about their products offered is the healing properties of these products.

Different stones hold different healing qualities and energetic frequencies. Just by wearing them, or holding one in the hand can help align, calm, uplift or relive the wearer from pain. Stones, made from the Earth, has grounding and protective qualities. They can help the wearer gain mental insight, cultivate abundance, love, and gratitude, and keep the heart full and open. Keeping with the natural rhythms of your everyday, and staying in tune with the environment, healing stones, gems and crystals are a fundamental accessory to optimal health and wellbeing.

Such a unique and purpose-filled company, LavHa has become a force to be reckoned with. The genuine nature offered by such beautiful souls is exactly what the conscious community needs.