There are a lot of yoga mat companies out there for yogis to choose from, but how do you find that special unique mat for your flow? We found Yoga Tribe to be an amazing company that offers yoga mats, clothing and accessories with custom printed sacred geomotry. The company was founded by Coka Klug in New Zealand. We sat down with her to ask what inspired her to develop Yoga Tribe and to learn more about the company.

What inspired you to develop the Yoga Tribe Brand?

I have a 6-year degree in Graphic Design & what I love about it, is I am able to share a message in a non-verbal way.

I also teach yoga and am dedicated to sharing yoga with others. The YogaTribe® mat was then, a white canvas to look at while I was practising, so I have used that canvas in the most sustainable way to share beauty & love.

I also liked the idea of creating a Tribe of Love… the world needed it.

What makes Yoga Tribe yoga mats unique?

You can find the Polymer Environmental Resin mats in few places, they are still rare to find, but what truly makes them special is our unique and magic designs as it comes from an intimate place, from a meditation stage… instead of searching for inspiration out there trying to make a “beautiful looking yoga mat” we ask ourselves…what would I like to received from my mat when I practice? It happened, we all want to feel grounded, welcomed home, balanced, inspired, energised, lifted & supported… after thousands of members of our YogaTribe® we can say now…you definitely will receive this from practising in one of our mats. it’s just MAGIC! (we should have called it ..the “magic mat”

What does Yoga mean to you and how has it help you in your life?

Wow, that’s a big question… but to simplify Yoga for me just means what it means “UNION”…

that place where body, mind & soul find a place of communion… and everything that happens in between.

Our yoga practice is not to be performed, but to be lived… it doesn’t matter where you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming…

Yoga is a “remembering” experience…where we bring consciousness to a stage of being in the given moment and not feeding into whatever arises. Exercising the idea of simply BEing present and to enjoy the flow between stages and phases of what that means by bringing awareness to our breath, the gift of life itself, a simple action that keeps us all alive but that we take so much for granted.

The recognition of the micro universe within ourselves and the welcoming of it into this dimension.

Asanas..amazing but far from what yoga really has to offer’s only one simple aspect of it…so YogaTribe® mission is to really break the stereotype of super yogis being flexible rock stars with amazing bodies and cool outfits…the true essence of yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is for you and me…all the rest is awesome but just a consequence of a bigger picture.

How it helps me… I don’t know how people do it without it…but basically, it helps me to live in a level of consciousness that allows me to find gratitude in the most extreme situation…and see the reality as it is most of the time without the need of picking up extra stuff that is not mine and to value what is in front of me as an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to reach the highest version of myself with every situation given.

Tell us about your designs for the mats and how many you currently have?

100% Eco-friendly organic jute mat.Yogatribe Premium Mat is made from Jute ( Natural fibre from a plant) & Per ( Polymer Environmental Resin) Latex free, non-toxic, phthalates free, metal free!

We currently have 3 designs. You will always recognise our original mats for the ARROW and Sacred Geometry on it…if you find another one with any of this elements you will already know it’s a copy

Two of them in 6 different colours ( 183cm x61cm, 10 cm longer than average mat & 5 mm thickness and ONLY 1.5kg SUPER LIGHT to carry !) You can also use it for both sides.

Flower of Life or Original Yogatribe® mat it was our first design.

The flower of life invites you to be grounded, to come home at the beginning of your practice with the idea of the beginning of all… “the seed of life”, a reminder that we are all connected. From that place you began your practice and you will be supported with our strong tribal element “the arrow”, which will not only support you with alignment all the way through your practice, it will also encourage you to move forward, to keep going…as long as you aim LOVE, you know you will get there.

Metatron YogaTribe® mat 

Contains every shape that exists within the universe. The map of creation. Combine the triangle and invert triangle within itself that represents the masculine and feminine within all of us. The arrow again reminds us how life will constantly pull us back with difficulties but as long as we aim to choose love and find our centre …as a bow and arrow together, you will find that power and strength to aim your target.

Peaceful Warrior Yogatribe® mat ( for tall people 215cmx 75cm )

Created specially for those peaceful warriors who don’t give many opportunities to have something suitable for their side, for their power, for big man and tall women, or Ashtanga practitioners who need a big mat to practice on with our beautiful BOW & ARROW design, combining geometry from different tribes around the globe and our classic arrow to support your practice.

Do you sell anything else besides the yoga mats?

We have created few special beauties.

YogaTribe® Peruvian Straps: hand made by Wayky Tribe in Lamas/ Peru, unique piece of art with our touch of happy pom poms. you will never find one exactly like yours!!! and we will spread a sustainable art while carrying your mat.

Swami Steps: Cork Yoga blocks with inspirational quotes it will also support you through your practice on an emotional level and will inspire you with an affirmation of your own choice so you may be reminded of & connected with your inner Power.

YogaTribe® T-shirt: Screen printed, beautiful soft 100% and high-quality Organic Cotton.

Where can people buy Yoga Tribe mats and clothing? What countries are you in?

We are based in New Zealand, growing strongly in AUSTRALIA and looking to expand to USA, EUROPE, BALI, SOUTH AMERICA & CANADA  in the near future as demand.

You can find us online at and place your order online as we ship worldwide.

We also have a wholesale account and we work along side we studios and eco/ organic shops or boutiques with sustainable products.

Also currently working on our ambassador programs. So in the main time, everyone just “Join the tribe” to keep in touch for special and future arrivals into your country.

What are your future plans and goals for the company?

I would love to create a movement strong enough and world wide known as a place for reunion/union of everyone who has something to share in this industry or anything related with well being, break the myth that yoga is fancy poses and invite people to connect and feel more.

  • Own a quiet space where events and workshops can be held while our beautiful ethical products express and expand our vision around the world. Sharing beauty, style, earthy sustainable products.
  • Would love to be able to have some sort of education school program or a charity. Give BACK!
  • I would love to invite peopleto feel …to feel beauty, balanced, healthy, conscious..whatever, that looks like in their life.


Coka Klug

Owner & Director

Yogatribe /Tribe of Love

New Zealand

Ph: +64 21 607 683