I live a magical life. How do I do that? By coming into relationship with, and living into maps of consciousness given to us by our wise sages. In doing so, I become the experiment, as well as the experimenter. Everything becomes valuable. Worlds within worlds of information, previously hidden, are revealed. In short, my experiences in working with whole sciences such as Numerology have tuned my consciousness to move beyond yet include logic, living a life that could be more easily described as poetry in motion.

Simply put, Numerology is one of my favorite containers to hold reality. It is a profoundly complex system of analysis, revealing an intelligent design to a universe built upon relationship. Built upon harmony. It is poetic, magical in its nature, and yet, deeply scientific. It demonstrates how all of life is music, a play, a song and a dance – one that insists that we include all of ourselves to participate and awaken to our true nature – which is, in my opinion, the reason we have incarnated into this dualistic universe in the first place: to awaken, and to heal into who we already are. To live that truth is our gift back to Reality, God, and Life itself. Numerology, being the ultimate self-help tool, allows this process to move along much more quickly.

To quote Dr. Juno Jordan, one of my favorite Numerologists, “Few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence all human communication and progress. Everything is named and numbered. We live in a mathematical world.” This is true, as each letter is also assigned a number in Numerology, which in turn represents a quality or state of consciousness being expressed.

Therefore, Numerology is a road map, representing an infinite number of pathways leading to wholeness, to remembering who we really are and finding our place within the cosmos. It is, in fact, the only map that ever was, is, and will be. I know this, because Numerology co-arises with the evolution of human consciousness. The two go hand in hand, renewing itself in the ever-present here and now.

To fully understand Numerology, we need to restructure our relationship to reality itself. There is a lawful unfolding to be understood through divining information from numbers. Time is cyclical – spiraling. History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. We are dealing with qualities here, not quantities. Qualities are expressed through metaphor in relationship to our unique human design, metaphor implies a holographic nature to reality – and everything exists in a hologram – it is timeless. While still holding the narrow reality that time exists (linear entropic unfolding of time, whereas holographic states everything is happening at once), we find the marriage of the two in Numerology – and as a result, a more whole interpretation of reality. The numbers 1-9, plus zero.

So, when we are born, a ripple goes out through eternity, tuned to our body in this lifetime. This is our soul song. When we translate this vibration into numbers, the numbers become symbols – organizing principles of abstract and seemingly unconnected ideas. Where they land on our chart tells us who we are and why we are. A Numerology blueprint tells a story, with some numbers becoming more alive at specific times in our lives, and others remaining powerfully present throughout our entire lifetime. It also tells us what work we are doing in our past and future lives (believe it!). The blueprint tells us strengths and weaknesses, what gifts we come into this life with, what we must learn in this incarnation, and finally, what we can do to improve upon our lives. I often say that “the water swims the fish.” A lot of people are not aware that a fish’s gills are designed to let the water swim them. Life swims humanity in a similar manner. In other words, we are a song through which life plays. The highest artist is the pure vehicle for the statement. When we know our numbers, we know what notes to play. We begin the process of coming into relationship with what our avatar is tuned to in this lifetime.

Again, we must understand that the numbers do not represent quantities – quantities exist within time-space, and Numerology, as a whole science, includes all of reality, beyond space and time. So instead, the numbers represent qualities, or states of consciousness that create and ever-create life. Since Reality has a holographic nature, these qualities exist everywhere – all languages, business names, phone numbers, addresses – anything we can think of is a vibrating piece of information designed to come into relationship with, and wake us up. To heal.

The Priests of Memphis said “The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe.”

Working with Numerology isn’t always easy – it requires hard work on the part of the individual who is desirous of awakening to reality as it is. We must wrestle with the meanings, with ourselves, allowing all of life to become a parable to be lived into. And yet, it is the easiest science to begin working with. Its baffling in its simplicity: all we need to understand are the meanings behind the numbers 1 through 9, plus zero. These are the conditions of reality that will never go away – it is only our relationship to them that changes. So, below all things, all energy and matter, lies consciousness – and this is where Numerology takes its seat. As we heal and awaken through our work with Numerology, we build more ego-muscle and our bandwidth increases allowing us to hold more reality. This is the never ending transformational process of Life. This is the way, and Numerology is the map.

Founder of The Third Thing Network and Co-Founder of The Divine Movement, Tim Rothschild is an explorer, dedicating his life to healing work and finding innovative ways to expand the collective human experience. As a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer, philosopher, numerologist, broadcaster and writer, Tim has ventured through the paranormal, conspiratorial, and mystical realms only to begin to understand what it means to be Human. The core of his healing work integrates a nondual approach to the Tree Of Life as well as the Kabbalistic Universes of Consciousness, allowing the individual to heal and awaken, coming into relationship with reality just as it is. He is a graduate of A Society Of Souls, and is a practitioner of the MAGI process. He is co-host of the Mike and Tim Visit Earth podcast, as well as various other programs. His websites are www.thethirdthing.net, and www.thedivinemovement.com