Evanna Shaffer is an artist, visionary, and entrepreneur. She is an outlier and skilled at identifying and converting early market trends into successful businesses.

She was born and raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, and grew up in a family of artists and musicians. With no access to television or technology, her family lived off the earth and she was taught wilderness survival skills at an early age.  Both her parents are deeply intuitive,] and explored various spiritual methodologies.

An avid artist and musician, Evanna began earning her own income in elementary school by selling her artwork. Landscapes and people were her favorite subjects, and she developed a special affinity for portraiture and caricature art, which enabled her to “capture the spirit” of the person on canvas.

The sales of her artwork funded her college tuition, where she was accepted to the prestigious Institute of Art and Design in Colchester, England. There, her work was recognized by typographer, designer and surf legend, David Carson. Art Director for Ray Gun and Surfer Magazine, David invited Evanna to apprentice for him at his agency in Malibu, California. This is where she relocated upon graduating from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Summa Cum Laude, in 2003.

A passion for child protection inspired her to collaborate with D.A.R.E  (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and C.P.E.A. (Child Protection Education of America) and she lead fundraising campaigns for both organizations, managing sales teams throughout California, Colorado, and Utah.

In 2004, she was recruited by payroll and human resource giant, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) to break new ground in the Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO) market in Southern California. She was one of ADP’s top corporate sales producers from 2004-2007.

At the peak of the 2007 economic recession when unemployment was at a record high, she foresaw opportunity in the job market and built a staffing firm. Her agency was one of the first to specialize in staffing the then emerging markets of Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, and E-Discovery. She consulted with Fortune 500 companies and Federal and State government agencies on top security issues, while recruiting key staff to construct fault-tolerant defense systems. In 2013, her agency was awarded a GSA Schedule 70 Contract.

Immersed in a market that was flooded with opportunity, she found herself at a crossroads that required her to ask herself the questions she had been posing to everyone else: “Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going?”

She knew it was time to step outside the matrix. She took a solo trip around the world, and re-discovered a path to oneness through meditation.

Traveling light as a single female required simplifying, consolidating, and releasing anything that didn’t serve multiple purposes.

She felt that yoga mats were too heavy and bulky. Pillows and blankets were awkward and consumed too much space. Using borrowed pillows, blankets, and mats was questionable. Sleeping and meditating is an intimate, vulnerable experience – and sometimes, you just a space to call your own.

She made a wish list, and designed the ideal travel companion.

It needed to be strong, yet soft. Shield the rain and elements, create the space to spread out and stretch, while offering safe boundary when exposed. It should provide warmth from the cold, and wrap into a compact pillow to rest upon.

It needed to be machine washable, anti-microbial, stain resistant, absorbent yet dry quickly, lightweight yet warm. A poncho, a blanket, a cushion, and a backpack all-in-one.

It also needed to be round; not rectangular.

Energy is circular, Mother Earth is circular, the womb is circular. Life, like nature, moves in a circle. The process of creation and re-discovery, is circular.

There was nothing like this on the market, and this is how the ChakyaGo™ was invented.

The ChakyaGo™ is patent pending with the USPTO. Simplistic in design, this all-in-one meditation companion is eco-friendly with multiple uses. Made in downtown Los Angeles, the ChakyaGo™ is the first in a series of Chakya™ products, teachings, and techniques Evanna intends on releasing in 2017.

Drawing from her experience as an artist, yoga instructor, career counselor and business executive, she created Chakya™.  She is leading the Meditation Movement with a series products and curriculum designed to make meditation fun by helping us reconnect with our inner child or “inner guru” by re-discovering our gift. See more at www.chakyalife.com


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