The first thing that pops out about Lightening in a Bottle is it’s incredibly accessible. It’s a beautiful simple drive from any direction, but be careful on the final road to entry. No need to rush, either way. Upon arrival there’s a quick check in with a smiling welcoming crew. Early entry is advised because spots fill up quick, but there’s plenty of room.

So much thought is put in to the organizing of the camping to allow for maximum use of the park grounds. Creativity in setting up your home for the weekend is encouraged. Tents, hammocks and vans silhouetted the hillside.

After setting up my spot next to my friendly new neighbors I heard a woman say to her campmates, “Let’s go to the festival,” and someone responded, “This is the festival.”

That’s right! Once you’re in the festival, you’re in the festival. There’s no heavily guarded security entrance, excessive pat downs, and intricate methods of concealing your party favors. You’re in and you’re free. It takes a moment, and few double takes to realize…I am truly free and safe to be me.

The tone of none violence, and acceptance is set from entry and established through the festival. Messages of love, peace, and harmony abound.

Water stations are abundant, and buckets sit under the watering holes so excess water doesn’t turn the hydrating areas in to mud pits and can be re-purposed.

Waste areas are easily accessible with options to recycle, compost and trash. While using the amazingly clean porta potties there were little signs on the interior door reminding festival goers to kindly pack out there trash.

These subtle reminders of intricate focus on detail around providing a class event are ample. All the food vendors used recyclable or compostable plates, bowls, and utensils.

The festival is appropriately named a music and arts festival because art and music is everywhere. In all direction they are little installations, and ongoing pieces of art and music being built and co-created. The festival is alive. Every aspect of your imagination is fostered.

Typically, it’s common for festivals to have yoga, or mindfulness activities but there is literally a whole venue dedicated to yoga all day, as well as a sound bath tree with vortex of gongs and sound wizards raising the vibration throughout the day.

Workshops on perma-culture, alchemy, aroma therapy, vegan cooking (This is vegan food heaven), conscious relationships, other dimensions, gardening, etc are offered daily by some of the greatest masters, gurus, and shaman literally in the world.

Cozily placed on the Lake San Antonio, concert goers can take a dip to stay cool and the water provides mystical orbs of reflecting light during sunset and sunrise. When the sun goes down the night becomes vibrant colorful up lighting on the majestic native trees.

There is a blend of grass, firm dirt ground, and pavement allowing for different interpretations of the land. I stood mesmerized by a woman gliding around in roller skates down the paved path, while a couple practiced acro yoga on the grassy knoll, and mystic road a mini bike across the firm dirt.

Showers are accessible if you’re a shower person, but the lake is a great concession otherwise.

Although the roads are neatly organized and named it’s a good move to be mindful of where your camp spot is or you could find yourself lost longer than you’d perhaps like to be.

The winds can pick up from time to time so be sure to batten down the hatches and if your sensitive to dust then pack a few scarves, but if Burning Man is a 9 on the dust level this a 4.

It’s hot so wear sunscreen, drink water, and if you’re not feeling so peachy they have great re-vitalization tents and on staff medics to elevate you again. The music is dreamy. All flavors for your mind, body and soul.

Although, sometimes stages would drown each other out which would be thought provoking, and other times schizophrenic. But all in all it was thoroughly impressive how much entertainment was being offered at once, in such an expansive variety.

Very kid and family friendly within reason. Lots of activities for the indigo children. Overall Lightening In a Bottle is truly a gem of a conscious life gathering, and festival to circle on your calendar for years to come.

Written by Yoga Guide Ambassador: August Windshine