Story by: Eileen Maralian


Nothing seems to be as trendy right as the ancient tradition of practicing yoga.  But in this rapidly evolving society, yoga is following suit, with yogis creating new and novel ways to get on the mat. Looking for a way to spice up your yoga practice, or just want to step outside the box and try something new? Check out this list of hot new yoga trends for 2018.   

Silent Disco Yoga: Perfect for the yoga enthusiast who also loves dance parties, silent disco yoga requires that students wear wireless headphones that are connected to the same source. Within the headphones, yogis will hear music as well as cues from the instructor. The result is a totally immersive flow where the yogi can feel a deep sense of connection with both the music and the yoga instructor. Try the wireless headphone experience with Sound Off at an upcoming Yoga Social event, more info at

Boozy Yoga:Most people anticipate a wine pairing with dinner, but yogis can now find classes which pair vinyasa with alcohol. Many studios now offer cocktails after Friday yoga classes and mimosas following Sunday morning flows.  Some studios are even embracing a concept originating in Germany called Beer Yoga, wherein participants will drink beer throughout class as a method of achieving comfort and relaxation during those tricky postures. Now that’s a happy hour. Try beer yoga in Long Beach at Ballast Point Brewery, more info -HERE- 

Animal Yoga: In 2017, goat yoga exploded on Instagram and studios are “following” the concept. Goat yoga classes are popping up all over the U.S. while other studios are looking for ways to create their own animal yoga concept. Dog Yoga (or “Doga”) promises to help yogis increase bonding with their dog. Cat yoga on the other hand takes place in a studio filled with cats, who will roam free during class. So are there any benefits to an animal yoga practice, aside from its cuteness and novelty? Experts say that the presence of these animals can create feel good hormones, lower anxiety, and reduce loneliness. Join a goat yoga class with Spectra Yoga in OC, view schedule -HERE-

Rooftop Yoga: More and more people want to get on the mat but want to get out of the studio. In the past, the trend was beach yoga. However, beach yoga poses many challenges, which includes practicing on an uneven surface and sand showing up in every crevice. For the yogi who wants the enjoyment of an outdoor practice and spectacular views without a sandy bottom, rooftop yoga is the solution. Studios have been teaming up with hotels and other building owners to bring this unique experience to their students. The popularity of rooftop yoga is set to explode in 2018, especially in cities where rooftops are plentiful but outdoor green space is not. Try rooftop yoga in LA on top of the tallest building, the US BANK with Bender, more info -HERE-