1) What brought you to your mat?

Soul intervention. I didn’t think I was a “yoga person” at all, although I developed an innate sense that I wasn’t living my purpose, so I felt obligated to explore. I began to meditate in an attempt to connect with myself, and from there I was guided to the mat.
2) Where do you teach and how did you get started?

I teach at Yoga West Los Angeles and Namaste Highland Park. After completing my yoga teacher training, I volunteered to do Seva at the yoga studio. I always showed up ready for the position I wanted, not the position I had. The director took notice and eventually offered me a teaching position.

3) What does yoga mean to you?
For me, yoga is a complete practice to create coherence between the physical and spiritual realities. When I used to read personal development books and attend lectures by spiritual teachers, I’d leave inspired, but the information never really integrated as wisdom within me. I believe that the body needs to be engaged in order to crystallize higher states of consciousness into the mind.
4) What’s your favorite style of yoga and why?
Kundalini Yoga is my favorite because it includes the powerful asana of Hatha as well as other rhythmic exercises, pranayama, chanting, and meditation. It always gives me the most return on my investment, and it works fast.

5) Favorite asana and why?
A Kundalini asana called “Stretch Pose”, because I tend to be more on the etheric side and Stretch Pose engages the core so powerfully that I feel grounded and connected with my body after doing it.
6) What’s your favorite aspect about yoga?
Yoga has introduced the essence of sacredness to a world of people who often never related to themselves as sacred. It has the potential to connect us directly to Source so that we can be empowered to live our destinies. I believe it is an elevator of consciousness.
7) What advice would you give to someone new to yoga?
Have fun exploring different types of classes and different teachers. Yoga is not just about building strength and flexibility. It’s about building a connection to yourself so that you can have a greater quality of life. Find some teachers and classes that do that for you, and you’ll understand what the yoga craze is all about.

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